Summer Training

Summer training is commonly referred to as summer camp by cadets. The 23 Cadet Summer Training Centres across Canada offer a variety of exciting and dynamic training courses. Some are located in unique settings such as the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, north of 60° in Whitehorse, Yukon and the Pacific coast in Comox, British Columbia. Others offer specialized training. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, for example, offers an introduction to aerospace course and the Centre of Excellence for Marksmanship in Ottawa, Ontario offers advanced training in marksmanship.  Regardless of where a cadet goes for summer training, he or she is certain to have a fun and rewarding summer. Summer training offers, for some, an opportunity to travel internationally while for others it means meeting new people from across Canada while learning.

At 2305 Rocky Mountain Rangers, we strive to empower cadets with knowledge, skills and competencies by professional and practical methods.  We provide the cadets with relevant and practical knowledge, useful in today’s society.

Field Training

Field training is one of the most popular cadet activities in the Army Cadet program.  You will start by learning the basics of proper hygiene in the field and advance to survival skills including constructing improvised shelters and recognizing outdoor hazards. Cadets then go on to learn how to work together as a section in the field, before eventually commanding your own section.  Field training is taught throughout the year but during annual camp you will get to live out in the field over a number of days.  Teamwork and communication are just some of the skills developed in field training exercises that are readily transferable to everyday life.


The Cadet Marksmanship Program is a challenging and competitive sports program accessible to all cadets. It develops skills through superior training and Olympic-style competition. This is why every year, thousands of cadets participate in this fun and rewarding program. Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in provincial/territorial competitions and an annual National Cadet Marksmanship Championship.

Biathlon Training

Biathlon develops power, endurance, strength, skill, precision and calm under pressure for cadets. The sport is a combination of cross-country skiing and marksmanship. But it is not that simple. After skiing fast and hard, biathletes must calm themselves to take accurate and controlled shots at targets 50 meters away. In a single race cadet competitors can ski up to 10 kilometers and shoot 20 targets. For the cadet, the clock is always running. It's action-packed, physically-demanding and extraordinary to watch.

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Adventure Training

Being an Army Cadet means you get the opportunity to take part in a wide range of Adventure Training opportunities, including abseiling, caving, kayaking, open canoeing, rock-climbing, mountain trekking, skiing, mountaineering, diving and white-water rafting.  Depending on where you live, this can happen during the year but it is always one of the highlights of summer camp.